L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolate Selections - Bon GoÛt Ne Peut Mentir

Almond Camomile BonbonAlmond Chamomile
Chamomile tea-infused ganache topped with a half almond and enrobed with dark chocolate. (alcohol free)

- paired with -

Orinoco BonbonOrinoco
Dark and milk interior, Caribbean spices, rum and cocoa nibs, enrobed with dark chocolate and sprinkled with nibs. (nut free)

Baton Framboise BonbonGinger
Dark chocolate and fresh ginger root ganache with a hint of candied ginger.
(alcohol free, nut free)

- paired with -

Apricot BonbonApricot
Apricot flavored pâte de fruits, enrobed with dark chocolate, dotted with white chocolate. (alcohol free, nut free)

Brazilia BonbonBrazilia
Dark chocolate ganache with espresso, a touch of kirsch and anise seed.

- paired with -

Kenya BonbonKenyan
Coffee-infused ganache with kirsch, enrobed with milk chocolate and sprinkled with finely ground coffee. (nut free)

Macallan BonbonMacallan
12-year-old Macallan whisky is added to a two-layer interior of dark ganache and pistachio marzipan, garnished with a pistachio. Enrobed with dark chocolate.

- paired with -

Chartreuse Bonbon

Dark chocolate with green Chartreuse, decorated with lime zest. (nut free)

Lemongrass Peppercorn BonbonLemongrass
with Peppercorn

White chocolate ganache infused with lemongrass and a hint of vodka, garnished with pink peppercorn. (nut free)

- paired with -

Dark Pistache BonbonDark Pistache
White chocolate ganache infused with vanilla, lavender, pistachio nuts, Herbes de Provence and a touch of kirsch, enrobed with dark chocolate.

Hazelnut BonbonHazelnut
Combination of dark and milk chocolate and ground hazelnuts, topped with a hazelnut garnish. (alcohol free)

- paired with -

Pavé GlacéPraline Croquant
Hazelnut-based interior, with French croquant, enrobed with dark chocolate.
(alcohol free)

Traditional CaramelsDark Chocolate Caramel

DARK Traditional Caramel 
Vanilla - enrobed in dark chocolate with white stripes. (alcohol free, nut free)


Milk Chocolate Caramel

MILK Traditional Caramel 
Mocha - Enrobed in milk chocolate with dark stripes. (alcohol free, nut free)

White Chocolate Caramel
WHITE Traditional Caramel
Apricot - Enrobed in white chocolate with dark stripes. (alcohol free, nut free)


Salted CaramelsDark Chocolate Salted Caramel
DARK Salted Caramel
Cardamom - Enrobed with dark chocolate, topped with sea salt. (alcohol free, nut free)

Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel
MILK Salted Caramel
Vanilla - Lightly salted interior, enrobed in milk chocolate with dark stripes.
(alcohol free, nut free)



Swiss Know-How
French Gastronomical Thoughtfulness
American Imagination

The chocolate bonbons and truffles in our assortments are cut and shaped by hand daily and naturally gluten free. The unique chocolates used in our ganaches take center stage and are enhanced with complementing ingredients. Small and elegant, there are approximately 80 pieces per pound. Luxury assortments are offered in our signature wood box, stamped with a wax seal and tied with French ribbon, our everyday assortment in a gold striped paper gift box, and as small favors for celebratory events.

We are artisan chocolate makers and always creating; therefore you may find specialty bonbons in our assortments that are not listed here.


Our gourmet bonbons are a fresh product and should be stored in a cool, dry place. To fully appreciate the complex flavors of our product we suggest that you enjoy these chocolates at room temperature within two weeks of delivery.


Please note: All of our bonbons are naturally gluten free. We use soy lecithin and dairy in our bonbons, chocolates, and truffles. We do NOT use peanuts or peanut products, however everything is prepared in the same kitchen where other nut products are used. We only use hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts and pistachios in production, but unintentional transference can occur. People with nut-based sensitivities should consider not eating our chocolates.



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Richelieu BonbonRichelieu
A milk and dark chocolate interior with cherry liqueur, cherries and cumin seeds.

Cashew Sesame BonbonCashew Sesame
Interior of cashew paste, gianduja and toasted sesame with a hint of hot pepper.
(alcohol free)

Porto Baton BonbonPorto Baton
A baton of dark chocolate ganache with cinnamon, cardamom and chopped hazelnuts. (alcohol free)

Poire Baton Bonbon

Dark chocolate ganache blended with mangoes. (nut free, alcohol free)

Earl Grey Bonbon

Earl Grey
Dark chocolate ganache flavored with black tea and bergamot, finished with a layer of crisp hazelnut. (alcohol free)

Fig BonbonFig
Dark chocolate interior with a balanced flavor of fig and port wine.

Baton Framboise BonbonBaton Framboise
Dark chocolate and raspberries cut in thin batons. Sprinkled with chopped cocoa nibs. (alcohol free, nut free)

Jaffa BonbonMINT
Dark chocolate ganache, infused with fresh mint leaves.
(alcohol free, nut free)

Pavé GlacéPavé Glacé
A decadent cube of gianduja, dark chocolate, butter, cocoa butter, cognac and saffron, dusted in cocoa powder.

Honey Caramel TruffleHoney Caramel Truffle
Caramelized honey with herbs and vanilla, dusted in cocoa powder. (nut free)

Cognac TruffleCognac Truffle
Dark Grenadian chocolate, rich silky cream and cognac, dusted in cocoa powder. (nut free)

Lemon Pepper Truffle
Lemon Pepper Truffle
Dark chocolate, pepper, lemon, cream and rum, dusted in cocoa powder. (nut free)

Chocolate Mice
All chocolate mice have toasted almond ears & colorful silky tails.
Miniature mice are packed in our Signature Assortments

Dark Chocolate MouseDARK Chocolate Mouse (full & mini size)
Dark chocolate ganache with fresh orange juice, enrobed with dark chocolate. (alcohol free)

MILK Chocolate Mouse Dark chocolate ganache with espresso and kirsch, enrobed with milk chocolate. 

WHITE Chocolate Mouse (full & mini size)
Dark chocolate ganache with cinnamon and port wine, enrobed with white chocolate.


Chocolate Penguin Chocolate Penguin
Dark whipped lemon ganache with limoncello and toasted almond wings, dressed in dark and white chocolate.

Chocolate Bee
Honey Bee
Piped from a honey ganache and finished with toasted almond wings, dark chocolate and white stripes.
(alcohol free)

Chocolate BunnyChocolate Bunny
Hazelnut ganache dipped in white chocolate and accented with toasted almond ears. (alcohol free)



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