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The Signature Chocolate Mouse
A Short History of the Chocolate Mouse
Years ago, our founder Larry Burdick worked at a confiserie in Bern, Switzerland. With typical Swiss thrift and ingenuity, the chocolate ganache left over at the end of each day was re-cooked and shaped into chocolate mice for children, finished with bits of knitting yarn as tails. In 1987, Burdick returned to the U.S. from Switzerland and founded his namesake company. Re-envisioning the mice he made in Switzerland, he refined the design and, instead of left-over scraps, used the finest chocolate and the freshest complementing ingredients, and the Burdick Mouse was born. With their delicious taste, captivating chocolate eyes, and endearing upturned noses, they have remained at the hearts of child and adult gastronomes alike for 32 years and counting.
The Chocolate Mice are a wonderful expression of the art and whimsy of L.A. Burdick Chocolates.
— Michael Klug, head chocolatier
Our Signature Chocolate Mice represent over three decades of our dedication to craftsmanship and quality. Never using molds, we make the Chocolate Mice individually by hand. Because each Mouse is handmade rather than manufactured by machine, each has its own character and shows the hand of the maker. It takes twelve handcrafting steps over three days to create each piece. No short cuts are taken. Every detail is carefully considered.
The Ingredients
Every Chocolate Mouse begins with exceptional-quality natural ingredients. We take the flavors directly from the source rather than using artificial colors or flavors, extracts, or essences. We make the ganache with the finest chocolate; we squeeze and zest fresh oranges; we brew fresh coffee; we scrape fresh Tahitian vanilla bean; we cook with local farm-fresh cream and butter.