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  • The Beginning
    One man, one set of Swiss tools and one singular vision - to create handmade, true chocolate confections.

  • Burdick's Today
    L.A. Burdick Chocolates’ global recognition and reach, with uncompromising standards, tireless dedication to craft, and charming inventiveness.

  • The Burdick Mouse
    Leftover ganache, yarn remnants and starry-eyed children inspired the signature L.A. Burdick chocolate mouse. 

  • Career Opportunities
    L.A. Burdick Chocolates is always looking for dedicated and talented candidates to join our growing team. 

History of the Burdick Mouse

Years ago our founder Larry Burdick worked at a confiserie in Bern, Switzerland. With typical Swiss thrift and ingenuity, the chocolatier crafted tiny, exquisite chocolate mice for children out of the chocolate left over from each day's production.

30 years ago, Larry brought this unique tradition to America. He refined the design and used the best couverture from the highest quality beans and finest complementing ingredients, and the Burdick mouse was born. Handcrafted through twelve steps over two days, Burdick chocolate mice are still a delight for child and adult gastronomes alike.

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