The Cocoa Isle

The Cocoa Isle

Our continuous search for superlative quality, full-flavored chocolate has led us to Grenada. The quality of the beans and the country’s rich history of cocoa production have inspired L. A. Burdick Chocolate to partner with Grenada’s knowledgeable independent cocoa farmers in building  a cocoa processing facility on this jewel of an island.

Long known as the “Spice Isle”, the nation of Grenada is one of the world’s largest mace and nutmeg exporters. The lush mountain terrain and volcanic soil host a bounty of heady tropical flowers, fruit and nut trees and scattered amongst them – cocoa trees. Grenadian cocoa portrays characteristics unlike cocoa from any other growing region. A robust chocolate, it has an uncommon, bright forefront acidity with long-lasting finishing notes of nutmeg, banana, and molasses.

Our joint project is a true “cocoa bean to chocolate bar” venture. After harvesting the beans, all fermentation, sorting, drying, roasting and conching is done on premises of the factory.  This collaboration makes cocoa farming more profitable, keeps the unique  Grenadian cocoa legacy alive for future generations, provides L.A. Burdick Chocolate with an excellent couverture for our bonbons and enriches the palates of chocolate gourmands everywhere.

We invite you to explore Grenada's rich history of cocoa and spice production with this intriguing collection of hand-made chocolates and inspired cocoa novelties. Products from our "Cocoa Isle" make unique gifts for any occasion and 10% of all Grenadian products sold will be donated to support CFFI.

Cocoa Farming Future Initiative

CFFI is a nonprofit organization created to raise both funds and awareness for cocoa farmers of Grenada and of surrounding island nations. Read more.


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