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Valentines Day


February 14th marks St. Valentine's Day, referred to as the "Day of Love" and dedicated to love, passion and romance. It is a popular celebration symbolized by the giving of cards and gifts to lovers and loved ones - particularly favored is the gift of chocolate. It is one of Burdick's favorite holidays because we believe our delicious handmade chocolate is a most suitable "Gift of Love," particularly when it arrives in our Signature Heart Assortment. We also offer delicious, heart-bedecked pastries for the day dedicated to love. Choose either the Valentine's Linzer Torte or Valentine's Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cake for the special people in your life. Valentine's Day items are only available during shipping weeks specified.

SHIPPING IN 2016 from February 2nd - February 17th
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Additional Gift Idea: Burdick's Holiday Club  -  a great gift to enjoy chocolate year round!



Linzer Torte



Valentine Chocolate Raspberry Cake



Signature Heart Assortment