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Robert Burns Day


Celebrating the Anniversary of the great poet's birth, The Robert Burns gifts feature Burdick's much anticipated, limited edition Scotch Whisky Truffles. Available for purchase is the Gift Set which includes the special assortment, shortbread cookies, and a paperback book of Robert Burns' poetry, or just the chocolates if you already own the book. The Whisky Chocolates are made with a variety of the best whiskys including Macallan, Talisker, Springbank, Highland Park and Lagavulin. Robert Burns items are only available during shipping weeks specified below.

*FUTURE HOLIDAY -  Shipping in 2015 from January 12th - January 29th
Future orders cannot be combined with orders shipping now.

Additional Gift Idea: Burdick's Holiday Club  -  a great gift to enjoy chocolate year round!

Robert Burns Whisky Assortment



Robert Burns Gift Set